Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Comfort in a box...

I really like these. I just added these to the Gift Boutique at Soul of the Rose Gifts. I am a big fan of Sarah Ban Breathnach, I have read most of her books: Simple Abundance, Something More and her most recent Moving On. One of the consistent themes running throughout these books is the idea of making the time to take special care of your self – nurture your self. She suggests creating a Comfort Box and filling it with special goodies for yourself whenever your mood needs a lift.

I put together these adorable boxes packaged in our pretty little suitcases. They are filled with all sorts of fun everyday prizes that can make you feel special in a flash. You will find a designer toothbrush, floral pocket tissues, a beautiful box of matches for lighting your candles, honey soaps from France, Asian brocade lipstick or coin purse, floral note cards, fragranced bath salts and a cake of Clause Porto soap from Portugal. Each box is semi color coordinated so the display is really nice when it is opened. Once I sent Amy a box like this (filled with pink goodies of course) and she really loved it. I added pajamas to the mix to make it extra nice (what can I say – she is extra nice herself).

I think of the Comfort Box as sort of like a Christmas stocking – a treasure trove filled with wonderful necessities. This is a special keepsake box that you can always add to whenever you see fun little things here or there. It is a unique gift for a friend or a daughter. The items are all hand selected and sometimes vary depending on what we have in stock. Most importantly the items are all chosen with love and the anticipation of being enjoyed. Believe me these gifts are so fun to package!

If you would like a custom Comfort Box you can contact me through the Store or through this blog about creating a unique box just for you or your friend.

Monday, July 03, 2006

It's hotter n blue blazes in the desert

Crazy I know, but we went to the desert - Palm Desert area to be exact to check on some property. We congratulated my buddy Sylvia on her new home there. She is planning to move out there full time, after she sells her house out here. What will she do in that heat? I get a little panicky when it's 115 degrees and I can not get into the air conditioning! We go to the desert a lot but we are there vacationing - at the pool or the air conditioned movie theater. How do you live a full time life in that heat? Oh well I think she could cook up a cute little cactus get up like this one and not worry about the heat!