Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Season Has Arrived!

Ready or not - here we are – it’s holiday time. I know that as a merchant I am supposed to rush you into buying all your holiday goodies as fast as possible. Well, I have just never been that type of merchant. So I gently announce the arrival of the holiday season. I wish all of you a happy and joyous season!

We’ve tried to make things a little easier for you to find gifts that will fit your budget this season with the addition of our Gift Boutique categories. This year you will find Charming gifts at $20.00 & Under, Wonderful Gifts at $35.00 & Under and Sensational Gifts at $50.00 & Under.

De-stress your holiday season and shop Soul of the Rose, allow us to do the wrapping and shipping. This year we are offering free holiday shipping on ground orders through 12/17/08! We always hand write our gift cards and each package is sent along it’s way beautifully wrapped and with a special little gift tucked inside that includes fragrance samples, chocolates and loving thoughts. In addition you have the satisfaction of knowing that your purchase will include a donation to local, national and international charities. Now that is soulful!

The last day to ship with regular FED EX ground or home delivery so your gifts arrive before Thursday December 25th is December 17th – so there is plenty of time to select your gifts and let us take care of the wrap and ship.

Happy holidays to your and yours!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lift and Separate

Ahhh, the promise of a new bra! I can not understand how we can send men to the Moon, see pictures direct from the planet Mars but we can not have a comfortable bra?

It is no secret that as a woman approaches a certain age the features of a good bra are not only comfort but technology nothing short of hydraulics are required as well. You might then also want to include attractiveness into the required features list too. For the lingerie must be more than utilitarian for me but not so far into the fashion realm so as to miss its intended purpose – Lift and Separate.

Most readers here may not remember the tag line “I dreamed I won a race in my Maidenform bra.” The word “race” was often substituted for some other miraculous fete you could accomplish while wearing said bra. The expectations from a new bra are always so great. Indeed it may be too much to ask or expect a good fit, function and looks. Sort of like the new administration in Washington DC – the expectation is just so high! As that old tag line comes to mind I realize this want of functionality and fashion has always been desired – just seldom delivered upon.

Through the years I have imagined becoming queen of my own country, a country where no bras or shoes would ever be allowed. They would be viewed as contraband and grounds for deportation. Hmm, we may end up being a country of muumuu wearing people in need of regular pedicures, but we would be living a comfortable life I am sure of it.

So I scurried home the other day with my lingerie purchases the usual black, white and beige bras – but something else slipped in the bag this time. A rare moment of excitement and risk – I bought a red bra! I have often thought I should have a leopard bra, after all it is beige and black so that is sort of basic – but red, how exciting is that? Well, it is for me. It makes me think of how Mammy felt when she wore the red taffeta petticoat that Rhett Butler brought her from Paris, slightly scandalous!

Friday, November 07, 2008

A New Dawn

I usually do not get political here. I try not to offend people. I try to stay neutral. I sell my little wares and make occasional comments on the changes in my life and family that I experience.

But I would be totally out of my mind if I did not recognize the significance of this week and the historical impact that we have brought about! I went from blog to blog checking on my friends to see if they were courageous enough to mention the election of the first black man to the presidency of the United States. Some mentioned it and some said nothing. After sitting it out, I sort of felt like I had been hiding in a corner. That is not me.

No matter whom you voted for, no matter how fearful you may be of change, “Change Has Come to America.” I see it as a new and wonderful day. I see this as a bright change for the positive. I think it is a defining moment for the United States to take a huge step forward in a truly progressive way. We have stepped into the global arena ready to get down to work and back to what makes this place wonderful.

This was a divisive election. People squared off, neighbors pitted against neighbors on my street. E-mail ambushes from both sides were a daily occurrence. I woke up on Wednesday exhausted by everything. As I mentioned to one friend I am more interested in what makes us similar and what we have in common as a people than what makes us different and makes us think of separating ourselves from other people or cultures.

So I have spoken up here and said my piece. I still don’t expect to get too political here in the future. But it was important for me to write about what I see as a great new dawn. (This photo is from sarah peter1 on flickr)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Smashing Time Was Had By All...

Nina carved this pumpkin

Side table in the livingroom

Nina and her pals - Nina is the one in the glasses

Nina with her creepy uncle - seriously I had to keep him away from the young ladies he was just too creepy!

Nina made this head on a platter - cool

The Mad Scientist's Den

I made this tiny grave yard.

Me striking a pose just as the party was getting underway. We had fun!