Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Gal Pal Megan - AKA Assistant Buyer

I hope every woman has a gal pal. I really hope they have one like Megan. Yes, by all means she helps me with the buying around here. She can walk down isles and isles of bad gift show merchandise as long as there is an occasional margarita on hand and yet she is sharp as a tack when I veer to close to matronly florals or last season’s has-beens. She is dead on for recognizing a strong trend that we had better follow up on. Buying for Soul of the Rose is just one aspect of my friendship with Megan. We have our daughters and their friendship in common. We are really compatible politically and we share the same fabulous sense of humor – if I say so myself. And though we share a similar sense of style, Megan, so caring, takes it upon herself to remind me of tiny fashion details: “now, you know you can’t wear wedges with those skinny jeans!” And she is always offering to help me with anything: “Perhaps I could walk the dog so you can update your blog!” (We have no dog.)

Megan is always on for an adventure, and she finds fun wherever she goes. She is my most trusted confidant, always loyal and always there for me. I wish you knew her; you would love to have her as your friend. She is creative like nobody’s business, from retail merchandising, to creating a retro cocktail lounge in your home – this is your girl!