Monday, July 28, 2008

Check Out The New Gift Boutique on Soul of the Rose Gifts

I have always wanted something unique in the way of making gift suggestions on our website gift boutique and I am happy to say I think I have found it. Do you remember the Seinfeld episodes in which Elaine worked for the J. Peterman catalog? Well, you could say our gift boutique is a little bit inspired by J. Peterman.

Meet Sophie, the gift giving heroine of Soul of the Rose. Sophie radiates charm, style and a certain joie de vivre. She is a social butterfly with a social conscience. Sophie, with her gift list in hand, clicks on Soul of the Rose to find perfect, unique gifts for her friends and usually a little something for herself. She feels good knowing that her purchases lend a hand to others in need, as Soul of the Rose donates 10% of their sales to charities. Sophie may be our fictitious benefactor but the gifts she gives are wonderfully real and can all be found here at Soul of the Rose.

I first had the idea of taking pictures of various scenes in life where Soul of the Rose product was a featured element but it was my pal Megan’s idea to create a fictitious character that actually attended these parties and functions. Once I got on to the idea it became a very fun project and you could say the fun never ends as we are already thinking of new outings for Sophie to attend. Please check out the Gift Boutique and check back every now and then to see what else Sophie is celebrating.