Sunday, January 28, 2007

It is absolutely shameful...

the way I have behaved! I have been missing from the blogosphere for so long, flying way below the radar if you will. It seems like the merchandise arrived for Christmas, the relatives soon after that and then the parties, the food, the wine, the orders and also the big project I have been working on and well….. I have all but tossed my blog aside. How rude and I hope I can be forgiven.

I check in with Amy at least every other day and the guilt over reading her blog and not updating my own has been tremendous!! And I see my blog sliding down the list of her favorite blogs (you know they are ranked in order by updates) and I am damn near the bottom! I guess it brings out some competitive spirit lurking within.

It is not as though I have not been thinking about each and every one of my friends out there. Why, just last week I was at the LA Market looking for fun, new and wonderful goodies for spring and trying to imagine just what it is that you would all like to have. That is by far the most fun part of this blissful endeavor – the buying! We had a very successful December tag sale so we will be bringing in some beautiful new indulgent gifts very soon.

I contemplated writing about New Year’s Resolutions – but really… why? Most people have tossed those by now and they are usually designed to chastise us or make us feel guilty for what we did not seem to get around to doing last year anyway. Lose weight, exercise more etc. How incredibly boring is that? So I have decided no more guilt-ridden resolutions ever again. This year I resolve to love myself more. I resolve to try to listen more and speak less. I resolve to try to help just one person at a time if I think I can truly be the one to bring the “light”. I resolve to try something new every week it can be anything as long it is new. (This could be really fun). Oh, and I resolve to have a lot more FUN! That’s all.

2006 was an interesting year I learned so much, evolved and changed so much. I am thrilled to see it GO! Lets face it learning, evolving and changing can be very uncomfortable – hell it hurts!! But it is what growing up is about and I am sure one of these days I will be all grown up but until then I know there will be a lot more learning, evolving and changing. So onward with the journey I say. I will continue the red badge of courage journey – but I really need better shoes for this year’s path that is for sure!