Friday, May 23, 2008

"He Was Playing Real Good For Free"

Today I was listening to Pandora radio. My sister Cheryl got me onto this. I am sure some will laugh but I am new to it and I love it. I have created great radio stations that play just what I like and then extra songs that fit into the mix just sort of appear and play. Occasionally I have to veto one but for the most part I like what shows up. Just go to Pandora and put in an artist you like and the music starts, you can add artists and songs to it to fine tune what happens. I am always behind the times so most of you probably already do this. But for those like me - try it, its fun.

So, I was listening away and this great Joni Mitchell song that I love showed up and I thought about what an icon Joni Mitchell is. I have always admired her bravery in waltzing to her own tune. I mean her style has evolved so many times, so experimental, so out there making her own rules in an industry with no blueprint. Surely she held the door open for many.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And now a message from our sponsor...

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Food Porn

It may be the journey of weight loss that leads me to this point. But I am guilty of food fantasies. Yes, I seem to have collected a few food related blogs on my blog roster to the left side here.

I attribute this to the roller coaster ride of a year on Jenny Craig and then the complete repulsion of microwaveable chemical laden food that ensued shortly after that only to be followed by a personal quest to fill an insatiable desire for organic anything.

I have since rooted firmly in a safe place, ten pounds heavier, but still a safe place. I have found a comfortable personal diet that involves more fruit and veggies than I ever thought I would consume. I steer clear of most processed foods and condiments in favor of fresh whole foods prepared simply. I still have a glass of wine or two and I will never give up dark chocolate, I just watch how much I eat of that. Based on recent events, apparently I can no longer drink too much wine anyway for fear of sending the room spinning like Dorothy’s house just before it landed in Oz!

So I have taken up the guilty pleasure of living vicariously through food porn. Don’t be shocked I know there are others out there; I can’t be alone in this. It started innocently enough with Jen Jen at Milk & Cookies. What can I say, she is a wonderful photographer of her creations and she really knows how to give Martha a run for her money. Besides her seasons are opposite of ours as she is in Australia and I love that she is sipping hot chocolate during our blazing summers!

Then at about the same time I found Carol at Paris Breakfasts. I do get really hungry on this blog because Carol has an incurable desire for all things yummy and sweet from France coupled with dark cafe drinks. Her breakfasts and tea times have inspired her to paint the most serene and adorable water color art prints. Living in New York, she visits France frequently. There is so much longing here for Carol to return to Paris that I sometimes want to send her a ticket myself. Oh, we will have to survive on the great photos, watercolors and cute blog posts.

Cathy at Nobel Pig is somewhat of a new and wonderful find; it is a place for food, wine and humor. She is building a wine orchard and chronicles its progress, her family, decadent desserts, insightful wine wisdom and random thoughts on strange plastic surgery procedures, tragic love tales between liquor bottles and general musings. I tell myself I am there for the wine wisdom but I really like the great up close photos of things like grilled marshmallow - chocolate - banana sandwiches. She warns you to get your fat pants out!

I found a new favorite for a rich blend of food and travel when I stumbled upon Laura’s Paris Cooking Notebook. Laura travels Europe taking beautiful pictures of countryside, green markets and local merchants. Sprinkle in a few recipes for fresh wholesome fair and you have a world culinary adventure! Who can resist that type of temptation?

But I would be remiss if I did not mention the more down to earth blog called Almost Fit. I am new to this blog but I like it. In fact it is just what I have been looking for. In this diary a writer chronicles his quest to get fit through whole fresh foods rather than fad diets one day and one issue at a time. This is inspiring for me as it is just where I am now and I can relate.

I hope you enjoy these new additions to the blog roll.