Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Did you say "French Pajamas for $12.00?" Why, yes I did!!!

That is right!  If you need something fabulous to sleep in you had better check out all of our sleepwear that is closing out at $12.00 each!!!  You won't find a deal like this anywhere and frankly our manufacturer has probably just choked on her coffee at this price but we need to clear everything out in these last 10 days.  We have marked everything in the store at $15.00 or less.  If you see anything higher e-mail me but I think I got it all.  We have marked the remaining Lollia Bath & Body, MOR Cosmetics, Rosanna Dishware, Fringe Studio Candles, Frames, Trays and Vases down to $15.00 or less. 

We will take orders up until Monday January 31st, after that our site will be online during our shutdown but no orders will be taken.  I will leave instructions on where to find my hand made flasks that I will continue to make.

Ok girls...lets knock this out of the park!