Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Au Revoir! We are going out of business...

Soul of the Rose Gifts will be closing on February 1, 2011.

I began my creative journey with Soul of the Rose in a rented booth in the village antique mall in 2004; we sold vintage finds and French soaps. I segued from there to a small boutique in the village; we branched out selling fine sleepwear and even more elegant bath & body products. Eventually I evolved into an online gift shop for Women, Children & Home. I have loved every creative incarnation of my business. Soul of the Rose has consistently grown however, it has now come to a point of "seriously invest and grow...or let it go". Although I have always poured my heart and soul into this business, I have other investments that are very precious to me. Few people know that I have always maintained a full time and very demanding day job elsewhere in addition to the online store and the time constraints are now at such a level where I have decided to let Soul of the Rose go.

I now find myself feeling somewhat like a caterpillar that has created its chrysalis and I am ready to emerge as something else. I just don't know what. I have never been the type of person that just gets up and goes to work. I have to have something creative and artistic to work on and build. Soul of the Rose has long filled that need in me. Buying and selling is telling a story with product. It is an art form and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to play in this arena. I have enjoyed every single order and every single customer, yes, even the difficult ones as the taught me patience and understanding. I have loved packing every order and sending it on its way with a sweet little treat and a thank you. Through our Soulful Giving program we were able to raise money and donate to some wonderful local, national and international charitable organizations, this was one of my favorite aspects of Soul of the Rose. I really enjoyed the buying trips with Megan...we'll probably still go, we just won't be buying much anymore.

To my customers,friends and family that have supported my journey with Soul of the Rose Gifts, I am truly thankful, each of your purchases allowed me to create something wonderful and I appreciate you all, thank you.

During the holiday season we called our liquidation sale "The Great Holiday Sale Event", now we are are selling out as much as possible in these last few days with our "Au Revoir Sale". I encourage you to peruse the site to see if there are any great deals in there for you, we have marked everything to MOVE! Have fun shopping, thank you for your patronage and remember: always try to do some of your shopping with independent small business or we will be left with nothing but the dregs of Walmart and no one wants that!!!

Merci, Au Revoir!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Soul of the Rose Holiday Shiping Deadline

The season is well upon us and the last day to place orders for regularly priced Fed Ex Home Delivery on Soul of the Rose Gifts is December 16th. All orders placed on the 16th will be shipped out on the 17th and will arrive in time for the Christmas holiday. Any orders placed after the 16th can not be guaranteed delivery before the 24th of December. This applies to all merchandise that we hold in stock - all sale merchandise right now! Merchandise that ships direct from design houses may require longer shipping. Happy Holidays!

Freshly Baked Holiday Treats!

Voted New England's Best Cookie at the New England Dessert Showcase! We are in California and we can tell you that Harvard Sweet Boutique cookies are the BEST ANYWHERE - and you can get them here! For Holiday we are offering a Hanukkah Tower brimming with an assortment of large and mini cookies tucked inside a festive tower of keepsake boxes. We have buttery rich mini shortbread stars wrapped with sparkling blue and silver ribbons. The Holiday House collection is a gingerbread box of assorted gourmet cookies to tempt your guests. Don't forget the Peppermint Bark - a holiday treat that has become tradition! Our 1 pound package is beautifully decorated with candy canes and ribbons. Creamy, crunchy and minty! While we are dreaming of minty indulgences the dream is not complete without Pep-O-Mint Brownies - chocolate covered fudge brownies straight from heaven! Holiday memories are crafted from special times sharing food, laughter and good friends. Spread some holiday cheer with freshly baked gifts today!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Building my Flickr favorites

Soul of the Rose has been a member of Flickr for a few years but we have not really participated aside from our product photo set that appears as a slide show on the blog here on the right sidebar. I am not a very good photographer I am better than my husband though, which is not saying much since he mostly captures blurry images of peoples backs and feet...really it is shocking how funky of a photographer he is. After spending an evening with Nina going through her Flickr favs - she has thousands of images that she has favorited - I got inspired and decided I need to participate more on Flickr. I thought the least I could do is pull a good favorite list together and spend a little time with these artists perusing their photostreams. Wow - talk about fun! Creating my favorites has been an artistic experience in itself. I liken it to buying for the shop - you get to pull together random things that in the end tell a story and set a mood. So check out my favorites on Flickr, it is just a beginning though, only a start.

My very favorite artist I stumbled upon was Tom Palumbo, one of the gifted photographers of Bazaar and Vogue during the 50's and the 60's. After viewing his Paris 1962 set I felt as though I had spent wee into the morning hours partying with the posh fashionables during the heyday of Yves St Laurent. You can almost hear the glass clinking and the wine pouring! To say that I respect this man's art is just not enough. Really, beautiful work...still not enough...

I also found Such Pretty Things and that is an understatement as you browse her collection of glorious images of the prettiest of the pretty! Everything sparkles and shines in a soft delicate way.

For the ultimate in food porn...and I mean that in the very best and most respectful way! You must check out Cannelle-Vanille an incomparable food photographer and stylist, seriously you will not see anything this beautiful and mouthwatering anywhere!

I would be remiss if I did not mention the collection on My Vintage Vogue. Here is a real passion of mine the sophisticated retro chic that depicts the beauty of an era that is gone but so beautifully documented.

Along the way I found snap shots of other images that speak to my heart, glowing Chinese lanterns, English country cottages, vintage baby portraiture, Paris apartments, sweet birds and pink trees! What a soulful collection and I get to keep adding to it!!! (Note, the photos listed in this post are not the photos of these artists, copy rights you you have to click on the links and go check them out to see their fabulousness your self!)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meet Madame Chocolat Our New Chocolatier...

It has been quite a search for the ultimate chocolatier to provide rich decadent chocolate gifts for Soul of the Rose Gifts but we have found her! We are pleased to announce Madame Chocolat of Beverly Hills. New to Soul of the Rose Gifts, we have found the perfect chocolatier in Hasty Torres. Madame Chocolat is a chocolate boutique in Beverly Hills that is dripping with charm and elegance; not only a boutique but a factory that produces fresh chocolate daily in the true European style.

As a graduate student of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Culinary school and student of Master Pastry Chef and Chocolatier Jacques Torres, Hasty Torres is expressing her true calling as Madame Chocolat. We invite you to indulge in her handmade delightfully sweet bonbons and scrumptious dark decadent truffles packaged in the exquisite Madame Chocolat signature boxes.

Madame Chocolate has been most recently featured on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in an episode in which Hasty creates an elegant pair of chocolate designer high heels as a gift for one of the "Housewives" as well as a magnificent 3 foot tall chocolate bunny for Easter! Her work is truly stunning AND delicious!

These decadent gourmet pieces make the perfect gift to send to any chocolate lover. It shows your passion for chocolate and your attention to elegant details. We offer 12 and 25 piece assorted Bonbons and Truffles crafted with only the finest Belgian Chocolate in elegant signature packaging.

Check out our Gourmet Treats section at Soul of the Rose Gifts for the ultimate in scrumptious goodies and send some tasty love today!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

So lets see some of these holiday deals...

The Great Holiday Sale Event at Soul of the Rose Gifts has all sorts of wonderful gift selections at the best prices of the season NOW! We have Fringe Studio candles, trays, picture frames and soaps all on sale. We even have sale prices on our Holiday gifts!

We've marked down almost all of the items in our Women's department and the Home Store! How about this Wood Damask Serving Tray that usually sells for $37.00 now at $ 18.50!

How about some cute Red Toile PJ's for Christmas? We usually sell these for $65.00 but we've marked them down to $29.50!

We've got excellent prices on all Lollia bath and body and candles. In fact all of our bath & body is marked 50% off. We've got Lollia Imagine Eau de Parfum for $23.00 that regularly sells for $46.00!

How about Lollia's Imagine Tall Luminary for $28.00? Regularly priced at $56.00 that's nice!

Be sure to check out our Great Holiday Sale at Soul of the Rose Gifts we have taken drastic markdowns on all the merchandise we hold in stock! Shop early as these items won't last at these prices!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Major Sale Announcement – Good News for Early Holiday Shoppers

Soul of the Rose Gifts is announcing today that we will be taking major markdowns on the inventory that we hold in stock...we are talking 30% to 50% off or more! Our inventory clearance comes just in time for holiday shopping. Be sure to catch these fleeting sales in our Women's department where you will find significant savings on Loungewear, Bath & Body and Accessories! The Home Store will have impressive markdowns on candles, table top, frames, trays, home fragrance and more! In our Gift Boutique you will find a special link section called "The Great Holiday Sale Event" generated to help steer you to the best bargains in each department.

We're making room for new lines that will be coming in the first quarter of 2011 and we think holiday is a great time to offer unbeatable deals. Everyone needs gifts and everyone needs a great deal! So get your fuzzy slippers on, grab a cup of hot cocoa and let's make a dent in that gift list!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Looking for the Strange and Unusual...

"I myself am the strange and unusual" - Lydia Dietz in Beetlejuice.

If you are looking for a little something strange and unusual...and who isn't at this time of year? Look no further than the Objects of Desire Section of Soul at the Rose Gifts. We try to keep an eye out for things that are just a little unique, you know the types of things that make interesting gifts or room accents. We also have an affinity for black and anything that is a bit edgy. Be sure to check out our Home Decor and Bath & Body sections too. Of course we love freshly baked gifts so you will find a seasonal assortment of treats too. Browse through Soul of the Rose and I am sure you will find something strange and unusual that you will love!

Friday, October 15, 2010

We've Got Spooky Treats!

Our chocolatey rich spooky Halloween Brownies have been known to cast a spell on many a soul, but don't be frightened! The only magical potion we use is 100% Madagascar vanilla extract. The only wicked ingredient is pure European chocolate. With a treat this dark and bittersweet, after a single bite you'll be positively bewitched! Order a box and watch them mysteriously disappear...

Twilight Woopie Pies! These nostalgic treats are a delicious way to celebrate the spookiest night of the year. Each chocolate cake is embellished with colorful sparkling sugar crystals, and is packaged in our deluxe "Twilight Delight" two piece keepsake box. Perfect for Halloween gatherings, these twelve decadent filled bite-sized cakes are sure to make you shout "whoopie!"

The All That Glitters Truffle Tower! Generous, versitile and very impressive, this gourmet dessert assortment makes a warm and welcome gift. And there's nothing more appropriate for a housewarming, a birthday, or a big thank you for a job well done. Three-tiers of shimmering shades of copper bedazzle our elegant collection of four hand-dipped Chocolate Truffles, eight White Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Star Cookies, and eight of our rich Chocolate Fudge Brownies. This is a stunning gift that works well for those with a refined sense of style. The perfect way to say "Thank you" or "Happy Holidays" with an extra touch of class. Be sure to check out all our freshly baked gifts at Soul of the Rose Gifts.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In keeping with the idea of Soulful Giving we are proud to offer a selection of products found in our Support the Cause Accessories department that help to give back to a well deserving community of fighters and survivors. A portion of the proceeds for all of these stylish accessories will be donated to breast cancer research and the American Heart Association. We’ve collected cosmetic bags, tote bags, sparkly bracelets and more, each sporting the classic awareness logos. These make wonderfully supportive gifts to those you know and love who are battling through and surviving heart disease and breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so, give these gifts to everyone on your list and help spread the word of early detection and prevention. This is what soulful giving is all about!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Took a little trip to Vegas

Matt and I did a long weekend in Vegas last week to celebrate our anniversary. We mixed a little business with pleasure and met with an import sales rep and I can tell you we will be adding some Asian culture to Soul of the Rose soon. I think what made our trip special was where we stayed –City Center. We didn’t actually set out to celebrate our anniversary in Vegas – this was the big 25th anniversary so we would have preferred Europe…Paris to be exact. With the economic turmoil of the last two years we just were not feeling the love of taking another European jaunt at this time. I’ve got family overseas so Europe will still be there for us. We were really looking forward to some time together and a little relaxation. We actually wanted something quieter than Vegas and when I checked out the new hotels I was surprised to learn about Vdara at City Center. City Center is a collection of hotels and a new mall smack dab in the center of the strip but with a whole new attitude.

If you’re looking for the new hip place to stay this is it. Our room had a panoramic view of the Bellagio fountains and a nice view of the Paris Eiffel tower…romantic! The Vdara is a quiet hotel, hip, non-smoking, non-casino with a slight Asian overtone.

It is connected to Bellagio so if you get a hankering for the poker tables or the slots you just cross a walkway and you’re in. If you need more hipness you can cross the outdoor walk way and go to the Aria. The Aria is the new Vegas elite, all of the swank with little or no garishness. Here is where you find the casino, shows, night clubs and outrageous shopping in a brand new mall called Crystals.

In addition to all this goodness both hotels pump these fantastic fragrances throughout – and I mean wonderful to die for smells!! Think of a cross between vanilla and sandalwood with a bit of citrus. I put my name on the waiting list of 2500 people in line to buy it when it comes out! They still don’t have it completed and they are not sure if it will be a candle or perfume or both. Whatever form IT will take I will take it! So if you are looking for a totally different Vegas experience you should check out the Vdara…and the rates are amazing since they are so new.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

We've Got Gifts For Wine Lovers

While there are no bottles of the fruits of harvest on Soul of the Rose Gifts, there are plenty of great gifts for wine lovers. From personalized wine glasses to exquisite wine accessories, you are sure to find something for the wine aficionado on your gift list. As we head into the holiday season it is time to begin to think about entertaining. Are you throwing the big bash this season? Will there be a set of newlyweds or perhaps a family with a new home on your gift list? This selection is an excellent source for wedding, anniversary and housewarming gifts. You will find etched and personalized wine glass sets, gorgeous cut glass decanters, handsome and classic bottle opener sets, charming bottle chillers, racks, holders and even totes. Check out the Wine Gifts at Soul of the Rose as we have assembled a unique collection of gifts that will help create the perfect party or happy hour.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Getting detached from the things I think are so important...

I have been working with the idea of detachment lately and I came across something that Wayne Dyer said that really resonated with me regarding the idea of detachment. Think of water and a rock, of the two which is stronger? Water is always going to wear away the rock. If you think you need to harness the water, the more you try to squeeze and hold on to it the less you end up having. It is only when you relax and lay down in the water…float, that there is such an abundance of water, more than you actually need really. I guess that is the true meaning of “Going with the Flow”.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We're thinking a little Fringe Studio today...

Fringe Studio is perhaps our favorite product line at Soul of the Rose Gifts. We just can't seem to get enough of the design elements that go into each of the candles, trays, frames, soaps, magnets and paper weights. We think you can't get enough is our best selling product in every category and it always tops the searches. Check out some of these great finds.

Everything Fringe is affordable with exceptional design and excellent packaging so they make perfect gifts.

Fringe adds a touch of magnificence where ever it lands.

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's been a week and we have some winners!!!

Thank you to everyone who played our game this past week and suggested us to all your friends. We have three winners. Heather Speer, Kathleen Schmidt and Jamie Wright will all be receiving some very cool goody bags or actually these would be more like gift boxes. Each box contains three gifts! See our last post for gift descriptions.

With your help we doubled our friends and I think everyone really helped spread the buzz about Soul of the Rose Gifts. If you didn't win this time...take heart, we will do it again. In the mean time think of us anytime you need to send a gift or you are looking for a little something wonderful for yourself. Continue to suggest us to anyone you think would love shopping with us. We are stocking the store almost daily now - getting ready for holiday. Most of all I hope you think of us when you need something soulful and indulgent!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So lets see these Give Aways on Soul of the Rose's Facebook Page

Follow Soul of the Rose Gifts on Facebook and suggest us to your friends and you will become eligible to win one of three Goody Bags! Just click on the "Suggest to Friends" link underneath our pink tag on Facebook. Let me know that you suggested us to your friends if you are already our friend so that I can enter you in the drawings too!

Give Away # 1
The first goody bag consists of Paris themed gifts. It contains a Fringe Studio Paris candle, Parisian Ladies Journal from Anna Corba and a hand made Parisian Beauty pendant.

Give Away # 2
This goody bag consists of a single crystal ornament on vintage ribbon from Anna Corba, a set of Cavallini Bird Stamps and a Fringe Studio Leaves candle.

Give Away # 3
This goody bag will consists of a Clover and Cassis soap from Fringe Studio, a black and gold grand fleur de lis compact mirror and a chocolate brown capize shell and wire cuff.

We will be announcing this for the next few days so everyone gets a chance to be entered and win. I am having so much fun picking out gifts and meeting new friends! Suggest us to everyone you know and check out the shop often in the next few weeks as we are getting a ton of new gifts weekly.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

How about something sparkly...

Are you in the mood for some something sparkly? A little shimmer and shine is all it takes sometimes. Here are a few of our jewelry finds. Most of our offerings are hand made and we carry only onsies or twosies so if you see something that makes your heart go pitter pat - you better order today.

Smokey & turquoise crystals strung on gold silk thread

Ombre silk ribbon with a turquoise cabochon and pink crystal pendant

We've got some unique one-of-a-kind collage pendants like this vintage chandelier crystal.

Marie Antoinette inspired pendant, strung on French blue velvet.

This is the go to bracelet, it blends with almost anything and makes a great statement.

Love the downward sparrow, it's just a little bit edgy and different.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Do you know someone with a green thumb?

We've got everything your garden lover needs from beautiful easy grow habitat gardens to sturdy botanical themed garden tool sets, including an assortment of candles and accessories that are garden inspired.

Our habitat gardens are actually strips of fiber tissue embedded with high quality garden seeds that flourish quickly and attract hummingbirds, bees or butterflies. These are wonderfully packaged and make striking gifts.

Our Botanica Garden Tool Sets are sturdy and well built tools that will serve any busy gardener. We've got a set with a basket for transporting all the bounty from your garden and a garden bench that folds out and stores all the tools right where you need them, when you need them. These sets are practical and pretty!

We love candles so we have included a selection of candles and home accessories that we feel encompasses the best of the garden all year long.

Stroll through our garden gift section and send some blooming inspiration today!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Just Hatched!

Our baby department is filled with new little hatchlings as a brand new selection of baby shower gifts is now available. Our baby gift collection is stocked with new diaper cakes, layette sets, bath sets and personalized gift baskets brimming with new baby goodies, all perfect for the newest little person you know.
Last week we had the pleasure of visiting our baby gift designer to review all the newest designs, as always we were totally impressed as she uses only the softest and highest quality cotton in the creation of each gift. The packaging and theme ideas are truly original. Needles to say the afternoon was spent "ooohing and ahhhing." We'll keep you posted as even more adorable baby gifts will be hatching over the next few months.
You know that baby shower you have coming up? Relax, you can be confident that when you send one of these gifts it will be the stellar standout. Mom will appreciate the thought you put into sending such an original gift and you will love how easy it is to let someone else do the wrapping and shipping for you!

Friday, July 09, 2010

So Let's Get Outside...

The weather - it's crazy, blazing hot in the east and chilly and rainy in California, but we can't let that stop us! You've got to check out our Outdoor Excursions department to see the very cool and breezy collection of outdoor gear for your next day at the beach or country picnic. Our St. Tropez Beach collection will set the tone for the perfect day at the beach. Choose from the Malibu Picnic Pak, Sunshine Blanket and the magnificently functional Beachcomber Chair. We live at the beach so these items are a necessity!

Be sure to check out our beautifully outfitted picnic baskets for the perfect weekend in the country. We go apple picking every year and it is just "take out" if you don't have the basket packed with all the traditional snacks. Our outdoor gear is built to last, these are quality pieces that will become part of your family fun for years. We think they make wonderful wedding, engagement and family gifts as they encourage outdoor fun and they help create memories for life. Perfect for summer right?

Thursday, July 01, 2010

I smell something baking...are you hungry?

Soul of the Rose Gifts is now offering wonderful, fabulous, sweet and decadent freshly baked cookies, brownies and toffee whimsically packaged and ready for gift giving, or simply easting all by yourself! We have been searching and searching for a baker who understands the concept of soulful and indulgent gifts and we found her at Harvard Sweet Boutique. Sue George has been baking unique and spectacular dessert gift packages brimming with freshly baked gourmet cookies, brownies and more at her Massachusetts bakery since 2007. Each sweet gift is lovingly made by hand using only the finest ingredients including rich European chocolate, pure Madagascar vanilla and premium grade nuts; they are all natural and there are no preservatives. These magnificently packaged treats are the indulgent choice for those who are looking to send the most memorable and sensational gifts.

Check out our Gourmet Treats Section and you will discover an entire bakery filled with wonderful goodies from classic Chocolate Chip Cookies to Raspberry Chocolate Fudge Brownies!

If you are looking for an assortment the collection of gift packages offers tempting choices. To taste test we ordered the "Tower of Thanks" so that we could taste almost everything. It arrived filled with 16 assorted cookies and two of each of the mint, raspberry and the vanilla caramel sea salt brownies. (OMG!!!) The general consensus was that we had gone straight to heaven. I mean really why eat again?

I need to mention the wonderful presentation. This is exactly what you want when you send a gift. No factory tin of plain stale cookies that you could order from anywhere. This is the type of gift presentation that stands out; you will surely be remembered and thanked heartily for sending any of these wonderful gifts.

All of our fresh baked goodies are baked to order and they ship directly from the bakery. Make someones day and send something YUMMY today!