Saturday, February 27, 2010

Goddess of Administration

Soul of the Rose is a small operation, a team comprised of some wonderful talent though. Through previous blog posts I have introduced you to Megan our assistant buyer and today I would like to introduce you to Nina, the goddess of administration and in- house photographer.

Nina has taken a more hands on approach to the day-to-day Soul of the Rose workings processing most of the shipments during my recovery from shoulder surgery. This has been no easy task as I monitor the packing of every order with irritating packing suggestions and annoying comments. Nina however takes it all in stride and has not clobbered me yet.

Nina’s talent is most appreciated as our photographer! She is creative and humbly thinks of herself as “the greatest person that ever lived”. Hmmm, such an artistic perception. Usually she bops around here plugged into her ipod (listening to Kenny Loggins music) setting up all sorts of artsy shots when in reality we usually just pick the simplistic shots that show the product most clearly. This is somewhat annoying to Nina – no doubt. Seriously, she is sweet and she works hard – when asked in just the right way. We don’t know if she is the greatest person who ever lived – but she is strange and we get a kick out of her!