Sunday, September 06, 2009

Is it too early to begin preparing for the holidays?

I know the answer to this is no. As a gift retailer, I have been planning for and purchasing for Christmas since June. The warehouse is stocked and getting more stocked as I write. Each week I am searching our just a few more things to add the the mix. And, just as Thanksgiving ends I will place an order or two for things that will work for Valentines Day.

However, there is a whole sub-culture that you may not know about and that would be the Haunters, or at least that's what Nina calls the people that really plan out their home Halloween displays all year and work each year to perfect their Haunt. Nina definitely falls into that category and I sort of tag along. Each year I say the same thing, "You know, I am not going to buy anymore Halloween stuff Nina." I always end up with a few new things each year, not really sure how that happens - its spooky!

Nina starts her planning at the beginning of summer. She decides how the house will be laid out - every room gets decorated, completely over the top. We have about 7 staging areas that get really decked out. Each year our party gets larger. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out! Actually, this year I am hoping to perfect my menu. As I write this Nina rattles off a list of foods that glow under black light.

I think pre-planing for other holidays is important too. Thanksgiving is totally over simplified and an overlooked holiday in my estimation. I find it really gets defined by what is served up on the table. This leaves the whole holiday in the dust. For me Thanksgiving is more of a spiritual holiday than a feast. I spend a lot of time journaling and really meditating on what I am grateful for throughout November. I look forward to that time of year when I really reflect about how grateful I am for all that I have experienced. If you have never done this - November is a great month to begin a Gratitude Journal, then you can finish out the month really celebrating Thanksgiving.

We are doing all we can to get geared up around here for all the Fall/Winter Holidays right now. In the next posts I will give you sneak peeks at the new goodies from the shop.