Thursday, June 17, 2010

My favorite birthday card

Perhaps only a parent can know you so well. This is a scan of a birthday card I received from my father some 25 years ago. It says so much about who I am and why I am here. I was so struck that he found this poster and thought of me and kept it to give to me on my birthday. There are six kids in our family so I am impressed that with such a crowd my Dad had the insight to get me so well. Here is what he wrote on the back:

Happy Birthday Kim -
This poster reminded me of you. You are such a strong individual person, but you are constantly caught up in the machine. Keep fighting it, Kim you will eventually do what you want to do. And remember, like this poster, the finger print (you) has a beautiful variation of line, it has color, texture and rhythm - just the opposite of the computer code, which is straight, static, lifeless, colorless and predictable.

I love you Kim,


Yes, that says it all for me.
Thank you Dad for knowing me so well and loving me so much.