Friday, February 23, 2007

Well you know I love birds

It is true - I will buy almost anything with birds on it. My pal Megan gets fit to be tied as she is much more hip than I and she does not share my affinity for birds and can not understand my fascination with them. Really, I can not understand it either because I am afraid of them - you know when they fly around I get a little nervous! However, bird images - oooh I love that. Birds outside the window - love em. Iron birds - I got about 10 placed in various nooks and niches around the home. I have a Frank Capra style black crow forever perched on a large dried Manzinita tree in my dinning room. I even have a bird on my Anthropology apron I got for Christmas from Miss Nina.

So I had to have these Anna Corba Bird Image Photo Books just as soon as I saw them. I like her work - Lauren Mumford mentioned her on her blog once (I miss Lauren's blog) and that is where I saw them. Anna is very nice and I am excited about being fortunate enough to offer some of her designs. I was extremely please when the items came in as they look even more beautiful in person than in the photos. I know you will love these new goodies!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Call To Worship...

Sometimes on my way home I take the coast. It is just a small step in trying to break out of the grind. I love pulling off the freeway and refusing to deal with San Diego traffic. It makes the drive longer but the view is worth the length of time it takes. I have to admit that I am blessed to live in such a wonderful place. While most of the country is freezing I am blissfully cruising along the seaside.

There is this wonderful little phenomenon that I witness as I head home on this route. The people that gather each evening to watch the sunset – it’s like a passion. I have an hour long drive going home so I pass through La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff by the Sea, Luecadia and Encinitas until I hit Carlsbad.

Never fail are the people that gather every night, every town and at every stretch to watch the sun go down in all it’s glory. They gather in their cars just as I pass through La Jolla, some sit inside and talk on the phone or read the paper until the magic moments. In Del Mar they gather up along a cliff like edge near the railroad tracks and stare west. All along the coast there are joggers that keep pace along with the sunset. There are different glimpses of the sea and each town has a different manner in which people gather. Some are couples or familes, some with their dogs, but I really like the single people who just stand there and stare. I like the fact that this is an important place for them to be. I like that no matter what has happened that day it seems there is always a collection of people willing to bid farewell to this day and it’s daylight hours. It rained this week and they gathered with umbrellas and coats braving the stormy and threatening waves. They are always there.

They remind me to value the ending of a day and the beginning of a new one. They demonstrate for me the ritual of closing and moving from one activity to another. Sometimes I get so busy and caught up with the stress of everyday that there literally is no let up. One day melds into the next and one deadline into the next. But like the motion of striking a match and lighting the candle, watching the sun melt into the ocean is a sort of call to worship.