Thursday, September 30, 2010

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In keeping with the idea of Soulful Giving we are proud to offer a selection of products found in our Support the Cause Accessories department that help to give back to a well deserving community of fighters and survivors. A portion of the proceeds for all of these stylish accessories will be donated to breast cancer research and the American Heart Association. We’ve collected cosmetic bags, tote bags, sparkly bracelets and more, each sporting the classic awareness logos. These make wonderfully supportive gifts to those you know and love who are battling through and surviving heart disease and breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so, give these gifts to everyone on your list and help spread the word of early detection and prevention. This is what soulful giving is all about!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Took a little trip to Vegas

Matt and I did a long weekend in Vegas last week to celebrate our anniversary. We mixed a little business with pleasure and met with an import sales rep and I can tell you we will be adding some Asian culture to Soul of the Rose soon. I think what made our trip special was where we stayed –City Center. We didn’t actually set out to celebrate our anniversary in Vegas – this was the big 25th anniversary so we would have preferred Europe…Paris to be exact. With the economic turmoil of the last two years we just were not feeling the love of taking another European jaunt at this time. I’ve got family overseas so Europe will still be there for us. We were really looking forward to some time together and a little relaxation. We actually wanted something quieter than Vegas and when I checked out the new hotels I was surprised to learn about Vdara at City Center. City Center is a collection of hotels and a new mall smack dab in the center of the strip but with a whole new attitude.

If you’re looking for the new hip place to stay this is it. Our room had a panoramic view of the Bellagio fountains and a nice view of the Paris Eiffel tower…romantic! The Vdara is a quiet hotel, hip, non-smoking, non-casino with a slight Asian overtone.

It is connected to Bellagio so if you get a hankering for the poker tables or the slots you just cross a walkway and you’re in. If you need more hipness you can cross the outdoor walk way and go to the Aria. The Aria is the new Vegas elite, all of the swank with little or no garishness. Here is where you find the casino, shows, night clubs and outrageous shopping in a brand new mall called Crystals.

In addition to all this goodness both hotels pump these fantastic fragrances throughout – and I mean wonderful to die for smells!! Think of a cross between vanilla and sandalwood with a bit of citrus. I put my name on the waiting list of 2500 people in line to buy it when it comes out! They still don’t have it completed and they are not sure if it will be a candle or perfume or both. Whatever form IT will take I will take it! So if you are looking for a totally different Vegas experience you should check out the Vdara…and the rates are amazing since they are so new.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

We've Got Gifts For Wine Lovers

While there are no bottles of the fruits of harvest on Soul of the Rose Gifts, there are plenty of great gifts for wine lovers. From personalized wine glasses to exquisite wine accessories, you are sure to find something for the wine aficionado on your gift list. As we head into the holiday season it is time to begin to think about entertaining. Are you throwing the big bash this season? Will there be a set of newlyweds or perhaps a family with a new home on your gift list? This selection is an excellent source for wedding, anniversary and housewarming gifts. You will find etched and personalized wine glass sets, gorgeous cut glass decanters, handsome and classic bottle opener sets, charming bottle chillers, racks, holders and even totes. Check out the Wine Gifts at Soul of the Rose as we have assembled a unique collection of gifts that will help create the perfect party or happy hour.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Getting detached from the things I think are so important...

I have been working with the idea of detachment lately and I came across something that Wayne Dyer said that really resonated with me regarding the idea of detachment. Think of water and a rock, of the two which is stronger? Water is always going to wear away the rock. If you think you need to harness the water, the more you try to squeeze and hold on to it the less you end up having. It is only when you relax and lay down in the water…float, that there is such an abundance of water, more than you actually need really. I guess that is the true meaning of “Going with the Flow”.