Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is there something I am forgetting?

The house looks great, we have our costumes and the food is piling up on the counter tops. I am just contemplating last minute details for the Halloween party Nina will throw on Friday.

This year the living room is a mad scientist’s den, the formal dining room is a fortune teller’s parlor, half of the front yard is a grave yard and half is a pumpkin patch and the court yard entry is a witch’s lair. Is there anything we could be forgetting?
Oh! the menu – black pasta with vodka sauce, fettuccini made with orange roasted pepper pasta, green ghoulish salad, eyeball bruschetta, graveyard cake and pumpkin pie.

If I can find some meat pies it would be lovely as Nina is Mrs. Lovett from Sweeny Todd this year!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Channeling Sophie

You remember her… the Gift Giving Goddess of Soul of the Rose? Well, she is at it again with her recent Weekend in the Country. It seems she had a smashing time picnicking, taking in the local jazz in the park spectacular and staying over at a charming B&B. Lucky for her they allowed sweet Mr. Bingley her pooch! You must check out the latest installment of Sophie’s adventures.

We enjoyed a weekend in the country too! We packed up and went off to apple country in the local mountains for a little picnic and antique shopping. I wish I could tell you that the air was crisp with an autumn chill but you are all aware that we live in Southern California and frankly we were just grateful the hills were not on fire! But it was a beautiful day and the picnic was the best part.

While I was there I visited my two favorite shops – the best in town – they are owned by the same woman and her creativity is boundless! Check out Oakwood Creek and American Gardener - what fun!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

So Much Is New!

There are so many new goodies at Soul of the Rose I don’t know what to tell you about first. Perhaps I should just pick out a few things I love in our newest department.

We have a new Pampered Pet department in the Home Store! Everything there is unique and adorable. We’ve found an international pet furnishings design house that we fell in love with called Louisdog. We are so happy to bring you an assortment of their wonderful collection. We carry their unique pet houses, baskets, beds, carriers and even pet clothing! If you have a little furry loved one then you must check out the Louisdog lifestyle collection.We got to thinking that if pet funishings were a good idea then perhaps pet spa products would also be fun! We are so excited about Cain & Able our line of doggie day spa products. The spa line is comprised of all natural ingredients and fragrances. There are even gift sets for doggies! I tell you we have thought of everything!

But let me warn you that if you are a feline lover you may be disappointed as there really was not much fun in all this buying for the cats. We tried on cat costumes and clothing and found that our Trouble and Smudge could not be brought to wear clothing of any sort. We know from experience that they especially detest the entire idea of spa products or any ordeal that may be brought about by the use of them. Actually, aside from the pet beds and houses they were unimpressed with all of our hard work in building this new department. So be warned this is strictly doggie territory only!