Thursday, May 18, 2006

I wish it were Sunday cause that’s my fun day…

OMG I am running around this week like crazy and it is only Thursday! Between taking the train to and from work, weighing in at Jenny Craig – yes I called Jenny, and volunteering at the high school to sell refreshments during intermission at the play every night, I am beat!

Like the exhausted lady in this photo piece, I need a pint and a lie-in. But since I am eating only Jenny food I won’t be getting the beer and I won’t be lying around either. The Jenny food is not bad, there is just so very little of it. It is a lot like eating airline food in those cute little kits – anyone can lose weight like that.

I gained a fair amount of extra weight when I was in the shop everyday. My shop was very small and my activity was limited and if business was slow I would eat some of the wonderful chocolate that we carried. Notice I say carried – past tense. Yep, you guessed it; I ate a lot of it. We sold Chocolate raindrops in black French wire umbrellas, chocolate butterflies, chocolate roses and pansies. We had chocolate Christmas trees and there were a lot left over that I had to put on sale after the holidays. When I came home from work at night Matt or the kids would ask how my day had gone and my reply was standard, "I ate a tree!"

So now I atone for eating all the chocolate Christmas trees and running next door to have a Black and Tan at the pub when ever the mood struck – sometimes they would send them over so I did not have to close the shop (naughty, naughty!). I am making up for all the exercise I did not do because I was so busy working and eating chocolate!

It seems a little late in life to be attempting to learn what a real portion size is but I am an eager pupil. I think losing weight is sort of like quitting smoking. If you have tried to quit and were not successful then you would not give up on trying. You just try again – maybe later – maybe a different approach. It is later for me. In fact it is as late as it gets. I will let you know how I am doing from time to time as I plan on losing a good amount of weight. I am not really thinking of this as something I get off of like a diet. I usually try to rush through everything but this time I think I will not obsess and just see what the process holds for me. I am sure there is some nifty little gift in here somewhere for me.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Bravo! Being on a diet is HARDwork!

lauren said...

Hi kim, dieting. Yuck. Don't we all need to call Jenny? But, with a slow, meaningful process, I'm sure you will see results.
And, my dear, it sounds as if you need a nap!


Cheryl said...

Oh my God Kim, You are too much!