Friday, February 23, 2007

Well you know I love birds

It is true - I will buy almost anything with birds on it. My pal Megan gets fit to be tied as she is much more hip than I and she does not share my affinity for birds and can not understand my fascination with them. Really, I can not understand it either because I am afraid of them - you know when they fly around I get a little nervous! However, bird images - oooh I love that. Birds outside the window - love em. Iron birds - I got about 10 placed in various nooks and niches around the home. I have a Frank Capra style black crow forever perched on a large dried Manzinita tree in my dinning room. I even have a bird on my Anthropology apron I got for Christmas from Miss Nina.

So I had to have these Anna Corba Bird Image Photo Books just as soon as I saw them. I like her work - Lauren Mumford mentioned her on her blog once (I miss Lauren's blog) and that is where I saw them. Anna is very nice and I am excited about being fortunate enough to offer some of her designs. I was extremely please when the items came in as they look even more beautiful in person than in the photos. I know you will love these new goodies!


Anonymous said...

freakin' hillarious! i had no idea you were afraid of birds that adds a whole different twisted angle to your obsession. i love you and your bird thing so much!

Dori said...

Oh, my! Those photo books are lovely! :) I've got a bird thing, too. Little birds tucked everywhere!

Sandi said...

Just stopped in to say hello. As a fairly new member of the Bliss Sisters forum, I saw you there. I'll be back to your blog again.

Diane said...

I love those photo books. Just beautiful. great blog!