Thursday, November 15, 2007

I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving!

As a retailer I am not supposed to say these things. As a matter of fact I should be playing Christmas jingles, shipping orders and sprinkling snowy glitter on everything I touch. Really now…

I don’t know about you but this Holiday thing has really crept up on me. But you know I am always in the mood for Thanksgiving! No, no not the food part. I actually could skip the whole eating part of Thanksgiving and never feel slighted. I like the thanking part of Thanksgiving. I love the idea that there is an entire holiday for being thankful. Just think of how sacred that is! If we don’t get all caught up in the dressing of the turkey and how we are going to please Aunt Vicky with our Martha Stewart spread on the table, but instead take the opportunity to be thankful then it truly is a remarkably spiritual holiday.

Sometimes it can be a tough year and I have struggled to find the thankfulness, I have had years where I was really pulling at straws –“I am thankful that I have not killed my DH.” Or “I am thankful that I can breathe.” Other times the thankfulness just pours over me like an ocean wave and it washes me clean and I am left just laughing and thinking that life is much easier than I make it out to be.

But what is really important for me to do is to learn to be thankful for all of the gifts in my life from the simplest to the most complex because they are all so valuable. I try to be thankful even before I receive life’s gifts, just knowing that good things and experiences abound for me. No matter what I am experiencing – there is someone else who does not have that experience, and so in this way I am blessed and grateful.

I am holding the thought - knowing that good things and good experiences abound for you as well. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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