Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Found Some Cool New Vintage Books

I went antique shopping with Miss Nina a week ago at the Circle in Orange. I found a little paradise for vintage books! I am building a little collection of vintage books. I am not any type of educated collector. I don't know a lot about the books I buy and they are not first editions or anything like that. I just like them. For me to adopt them they have to have a sweet or interesting look and some character. Some of these books can not be read because the binding is very fragile. I got Clotilde above and Sesame and Lilies below last week. I was drawn to the blue and gold. I think they look great together.

My Bookhouse The Latch Key has always been a favorite of mine. I have seen these around a bit and they usually have a cool illustration on the front, but few are in as good condition as mine.

You have got to love Em's Husband, come on look at this cover. Em is totally suspecting something!

My love in February was Chester Rand. First off, it caught my eye because it was red and the color of that little messenger uniform - it is just cool. This illustration has a whole feel that I love, sort of industrialist or something.

I have small displays of my vintage books all over the house. The three below look really good together at Thanksgiving time with warm browns, burgundy and gold tones. I pile them up here there and everywhere.

I like them spread around the living room on a side table.

I like them on the mantel with a sunny little tea cup.

I like them in this cool entertainment cubby in the family room.

One of my very favorites has to be the little blue book here - The Lives of Robbers and Murderers - it makes for wonderful Halloween decor!

Happy summer reading to you all...


noble pig said...

Just lovely. I love the Orange circle area isn't it cool and fun?!

Saucy said...

Vintage books make my heart go pitter-patter. I ask for them for my birthday and Christmas. I scout them out and tell my family where they can be found! Isn't that greedy and terrible! I love it!