Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We are off to Florida…

Yes we are taking Bijan to school. Straight into hurricane season we go. They have real weather in Florida. This will be a test for Bijan who having been born and raised in California has not experienced real weather. I told him he had better learn how to hang on and drive in the rain.

Bijan is going to Full Sail an entertainment media collage. It sounds very fun – I would like to go! He will be majoring in Recording Arts. This is the first time he has lived away from us even though he will be 20 in October. This has not been an easy transition. I was not prepared for how I would feel. I always knew this was coming but it sure feels sad when it comes to pass. I am sure I will feel better when I see that he is set up there, when I see the school and that he is living in an apartment and not on the street. I have to be honest the things I think up sometimes are so strange and worrisome. I need to just simply let go. I need to just let him go and make his way. He will be fine. I have a lot of faith in him. Besides I have gone online and found the closest Whole Foods Market, the Doctors office, the nearest Hospital and a Persian Restaurant. I can see his place on Google Maps too! Yep, he’ll be fine, I just need to let go a little.

NOTE: If you place an order between 8/28/08 and 9/5/08 your order will ship on 9/8/08 as we are not in the office. I'll tell you all about Florida when I return!

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