Thursday, March 05, 2009

Whatever you do, do not get this cold flu thing…

I have been away for all sorts of reasons lately – just busy I guess wearing myself down so that when the virus came along I was rightly acceptable to it. All I can tell you is wash your hands a lot. Take your vitamins and get the required amount of rest.

I am sure I picked this up at the wonderful Indian wedding we attended with some 500 people in attendance this last weekend. I think that is a good guess because my husband has it too. The wedding was really beautiful and the first Indian wedding I had ever been to. I really loved all the beautiful saris that were so colorful! The food was wonderful and everyone was happy and warm and inviting. However we shook hands with everyone just about so there you have it!

So I am going home to bed because my fingernails hurt and the hair on my head hurts. Why or why when you get a virus do these strange aches and pains come on? Who knew that my left forearm could hurt so much for absolutely no good reason? Well, that is about all the complaining form me for one day.

Stay healthy!

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