Friday, July 23, 2010

Just Hatched!

Our baby department is filled with new little hatchlings as a brand new selection of baby shower gifts is now available. Our baby gift collection is stocked with new diaper cakes, layette sets, bath sets and personalized gift baskets brimming with new baby goodies, all perfect for the newest little person you know.
Last week we had the pleasure of visiting our baby gift designer to review all the newest designs, as always we were totally impressed as she uses only the softest and highest quality cotton in the creation of each gift. The packaging and theme ideas are truly original. Needles to say the afternoon was spent "ooohing and ahhhing." We'll keep you posted as even more adorable baby gifts will be hatching over the next few months.
You know that baby shower you have coming up? Relax, you can be confident that when you send one of these gifts it will be the stellar standout. Mom will appreciate the thought you put into sending such an original gift and you will love how easy it is to let someone else do the wrapping and shipping for you!


Sadako said...

Aw! Cute!

platform bed said...

It is so cute! I want those amazing items. My kids will going to love those for sure. How am I going to get that? I want it bad.