Saturday, August 07, 2010

How about something sparkly...

Are you in the mood for some something sparkly? A little shimmer and shine is all it takes sometimes. Here are a few of our jewelry finds. Most of our offerings are hand made and we carry only onsies or twosies so if you see something that makes your heart go pitter pat - you better order today.

Smokey & turquoise crystals strung on gold silk thread

Ombre silk ribbon with a turquoise cabochon and pink crystal pendant

We've got some unique one-of-a-kind collage pendants like this vintage chandelier crystal.

Marie Antoinette inspired pendant, strung on French blue velvet.

This is the go to bracelet, it blends with almost anything and makes a great statement.

Love the downward sparrow, it's just a little bit edgy and different.

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