Friday, November 19, 2010

Building my Flickr favorites

Soul of the Rose has been a member of Flickr for a few years but we have not really participated aside from our product photo set that appears as a slide show on the blog here on the right sidebar. I am not a very good photographer I am better than my husband though, which is not saying much since he mostly captures blurry images of peoples backs and feet...really it is shocking how funky of a photographer he is. After spending an evening with Nina going through her Flickr favs - she has thousands of images that she has favorited - I got inspired and decided I need to participate more on Flickr. I thought the least I could do is pull a good favorite list together and spend a little time with these artists perusing their photostreams. Wow - talk about fun! Creating my favorites has been an artistic experience in itself. I liken it to buying for the shop - you get to pull together random things that in the end tell a story and set a mood. So check out my favorites on Flickr, it is just a beginning though, only a start.

My very favorite artist I stumbled upon was Tom Palumbo, one of the gifted photographers of Bazaar and Vogue during the 50's and the 60's. After viewing his Paris 1962 set I felt as though I had spent wee into the morning hours partying with the posh fashionables during the heyday of Yves St Laurent. You can almost hear the glass clinking and the wine pouring! To say that I respect this man's art is just not enough. Really, beautiful work...still not enough...

I also found Such Pretty Things and that is an understatement as you browse her collection of glorious images of the prettiest of the pretty! Everything sparkles and shines in a soft delicate way.

For the ultimate in food porn...and I mean that in the very best and most respectful way! You must check out Cannelle-Vanille an incomparable food photographer and stylist, seriously you will not see anything this beautiful and mouthwatering anywhere!

I would be remiss if I did not mention the collection on My Vintage Vogue. Here is a real passion of mine the sophisticated retro chic that depicts the beauty of an era that is gone but so beautifully documented.

Along the way I found snap shots of other images that speak to my heart, glowing Chinese lanterns, English country cottages, vintage baby portraiture, Paris apartments, sweet birds and pink trees! What a soulful collection and I get to keep adding to it!!! (Note, the photos listed in this post are not the photos of these artists, copy rights you you have to click on the links and go check them out to see their fabulousness your self!)

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