Sunday, April 02, 2006

Quite Sunday Not In The Park…

It is a quiet day but I am listening to Camille – she is so lovely and so sweetly French. I don’t understand the lyrics at all, except “Ruby” that is the only song in English but there is not much to it. I don’t suppose I would sing a very involved French song if I had to so I am happy with what she’s got here and it sets a nice little mood.

Everyone has gone and it is so peaceful. I am supposed to be at the park on a picnic but I have so many things I needed to pay attention to – bills, files, laundry etc. Besides, these picnics we go on with Matt’s family go well into the evening, long after you would normally leave. It usually involves all the men playing soccer and Sylvia (my best friend and sister-in-law) and I sitting and reading magazines and talking and laughing. This year Sylvia is on a business trip. So how boring would it be to sit there and watch the guys play soccer all day? We do this once every year and I just sort needed a time out. So, I cooked up a big pot Loubia Pollo, that is rice with beef, green beans in a little tomato sauce and cinnamon and sent them on their way without me. Persians don’t do the sandwich thing at their picnics – no way. They like full on meals in big pots with tea in little glass cups and baklava! It is all very civilized. Today is the end of the spring festivities for Persians and everyone goes to the park. It is like an unwritten rule – “ya gatta go to da park”! Well, I have been partying with these guys since March 18th and I am all partied out! I’ll not hear the end of this for being a no-show. But I do love the peacefulness and I am getting a lot done.

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Bonjour! Welcome to the neighborhood! I came for a visit by the way of ALICE* LANDS. Happy Blogging! Sweet and pretty shop you have too!