Sunday, May 24, 2009

A few of the goodies I have been making!

It took me a lot longer to upload all my new products than I thought it would. I began designing and creating these items in March and it has taken until now for me to get them on the site but here they are. I have a collection of pendants that are little works of art. Some of the designs are collage work under crystals and some are on bamboo tiles. I have a lot more that I am working on but this is the first batch. Check out the Soul of the Rose Jewelry Designs on the site for each individual design and for prices.

Revolutionary Collection

I made these little black and red crystal charm pendants and Nina and I decided they reminded us of the musical Les Miserables so I named each pendant after one of the female characters in the musical - how funny! We thought it was coincidental that Fantine should have a black ribbon because she just gets one song and dies at the beginning of the musical. If you don’t know this musical then the humor is totally lost but I hope you still like this collection!

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