Friday, March 24, 2006

My Hubby is 50 Today!

Wow, 50 – now that is old! Actually he is very cute for being 50. The kids sang him happy birthday to wake him up this morning. We have been working to prepare a surprise birthday party for him on Saturday night. I can print that here because he is not computer savvy and could not find my blog if his life depended on it.

This will be a “Nifty Fifty” party. Yes I am wearing a pink poodle skirt! Everyone is dressing up in some sort of 50’s garb. I am listening to all the 50’s CD’s I bought today – just to make sure they measure up. I am serving up meatloaf, mac n cheese, cake and ice cream and nostalgic bottles of coca cola, along with all the usual party goodies (martinis - those are 50's).

I love the couple in this photo. When Matt and I are this old we will still be in love just like them! Actually they kind of look like us! She has glasses and likes to accessorize and he is thin and looks very sweet.

I really hope the surprise works out. I feel a little bad because we are not doing much for his birthday today. The kids have commitments so we told him that we could celebrate his big day on Saturday, which is when I have the party planned for. He said he would love it if our friends could come for dinner, I just told him that they all seemed to be too busy so it would just be us celebrating. (Liar!!) How sad I feel to mislead him in this way but I think he will be really surprised. I know he will be really happy to see everyone. Well, I better get to cleaning this house up and put my skills together and see if I can make one of those strange Jell-O mold thingies.

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