Friday, March 03, 2006

Welcome to my thoughts...

Posting this first entry on this new blog reminds me of my first day on a new job that I had years ago. It was a hair salon and I was probably twenty years old. Anyway I just kept circulating around saying hi to people and introducing myself as "Kim, I am new." Well, I guess I was also irritating because after a while someone came into the salon for their appointment and everyone said, "Oh, that's Kim and she's new"!

So here I will try not to be irritating. I will try not to misspell things and remember all about run-on sentences and dangling participles etc. But I can not make any promises here. Besides, this should be a place where I can run my thoughts down and hopefully I can communicate in a fun way with friends and some of my customers of which are all friends!

So, I will post this first comment with out much fan fare and grace it with a picture of my kitty Smudge, if I can figure out how to upload the photo. Have mercy on Smudge as she is a bit retarded - she is a kitty slow-mo, but we love her anyway. She is terrified of everything - mostly shoes, in particularly flip flops!

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Dori said...

Smudge is what you'd call a special needs kitty! She's a cutie and looks very sweet. :)

(Thought I'd leave your first comment, Kim! ~Dori)